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 The Faith of a Child
  Audio CD

 Release Date:  May 6, 2005






The Faith of a Child


I loved you complete

with the innocence and sweetness of a boy at school
but life takes it's toll
we grow old and we grow colder as we learn the rules
it's all so unkind
I'm longing for the time when I loved you
with the faith of a child

I look at the past
through the fog and photographs it seems so far away
it's hard to believe
we were once young and naive when I see us today
it's really kind of strange
we're so completely changed since I loved you
with the faith of a child

I don't mean to imply that I don't share in the blame
in many ways we've both behaved the same
from innocence to better sense to bitter sentiments
growing up's been such an ugly game

I pray to the skies
or whoever hears the cries of a jaded man
if mercy divine
can't repair this heart of mine then I guess nothing can
Heaven hear my plea
and pray restore to me the starry eyes
and the faith of a child

I don't expect to resurrect affection without fear
or wash away the scars with the tears
but in a sense my self defense is killing me it's clear
as sweet remembrance echoes in my ears

I bleed and I brace
as the truth flies in the faces of this bitter fool
and life takes it toll
I grow old and I grow colder as I learn the rules
it's all so unkind
I'm longing for the time when I loved you
with the faith of a child


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