Jack Serra-Lima: vocals, rythym guitars
Paul Connors: piano, bass
Albert Cala: drums



Everybody's time must come and this I guess is yours
a swirl of mixed emotions fill my heart
the joy of having known you and the sadness of the loss
wonder and affection as we part

Sandy in this world you were love and you were light
and I'm sure that in the next one
you will still be shining bright
fare thee well

I like to think it's a beginning not an end
the next stage in the journey of the soul
still it's hard to say goodbye to such a lovely friend
I try and let your memory fill the hole

Somewhere up above in a crystal sky you shine
while the cold and lonely people
in this world you've left behind
miss your smile

In another world in another place and time
there'll be laughter, there'll be love
and there'll be flowers in the springtime
but the madness of the moment
is the door we must walk through
and you've shown us in your life
that there's a power to hold onto
in your memory there is strength and there is calm
to carry on

You were living proof that we can live the life we try
such an inspiration on this earth
everybody loved you and you touched so many lives
I guess that's the measure of your worth

Sandy, I reflect upon the moments that we've shared
and I pray that there's a Heaven
and one day I'll see you there
until then, good bye my friend